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Dairy Farming at Monte Vista Farm During the Great Depression

by David Battey My niece asked me how difficult it was for my mother and her parents and her siblings during the Great Depression. Here is my answer: The Ralph and Hazel Swenson family did quite well on Monte Vista (means mountain view in… Continue Reading “Dairy Farming at Monte Vista Farm During the Great Depression”

Learning More About Your Property

One of the frequent types of research requests the Museum gets is for information about a house or property. But, the first thing we need to know is the full address of the property when you contact us. There are several ways we can… Continue Reading “Learning More About Your Property”

Research Inquiry: Meadowbrook Hotel

One of the Museum’s research inquiries this month was for information on where the Meadowbrook Inn or Hotel was located. Built by the Hop Ranch Growers’ Association around 1884 to act as a summer hotel for tourists and business men to the upper Snoqualmie… Continue Reading “Research Inquiry: Meadowbrook Hotel”

Puget Sound and the Northern Pacific Railroad by Edmund T. Coleman

Originally republished in our 2015 Snoqualmie Valley History Magazine, we have since found the original publication at the University of Toronto featuring more information including additional text and images, please check the original out here! In this blog we are republishing the condensed version… Continue Reading “Puget Sound and the Northern Pacific Railroad by Edmund T. Coleman”

Research Requests

The Museum regularly gets inquiries from researchers, historians, students, genealogists, civil servants and other members of our audience. Sometimes these can be answered quickly and other times they take much more in depth search. Over the years we have found that we often get… Continue Reading “Research Requests”

Saved From the Dump

Thanks to a second grant from 4 Culture, the Museum has purchased additional supplies to preserve the Valley Record Collection. In 2011 the Snoqualmie Valley Museum received a pair of donations from the publishers of the Snoqualmie Valley Record of historic 1913-1940s newspapers and… Continue Reading “Saved From the Dump”

1950 Exhibit

Between 1940 and 1950 the population of Washington State grew over 37% from 1.7 million people to just under 2.4 million people. In the Snoqualmie Valley, our population jumped a dramatic 61% from 7862 people to 12,679. In April 2022, the 1950 census records… Continue Reading “1950 Exhibit”

From the Collection: 1893 Fires

This past summer huge fires have burned out of control throughout the West, and it is worth remembering that the Snoqualmie Valley is as vulnerable as areas in Eastern Washington, Oregon and California.  Many of the early accounts of Valley life mention sweeping fires,… Continue Reading “From the Collection: 1893 Fires”

Major General Wesley Merritt’s Album

The Museum regularly receives phone calls from potential donors who have artifacts they would like to contribute to the Museum. Earlier this fall, we received a phone call from Carolyn A. in Woodland, Washington who had a scrapbook of pictures of Snoqualmie Falls and… Continue Reading “Major General Wesley Merritt’s Album”

And Now For the Rest of the Story…

There had been rumors circulating for decades that the remains of a local school teacher’s wife and son were buried in the Fall City Bridge. Everyone had heard the whisperings but few, if any, knew the details. Was it the act of a grieving… Continue Reading “And Now For the Rest of the Story…”