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Reflections of a Time Gone By: Remembering Snoqualmie, 1950 – 1955

by Carolyn Perlbachs My ancestors were early homesteaders in Snoqualmie, Washington. In 1900, my grandfather, Joseph Emery, built a large house just half a block from the historicSnoqualmie Train Depot. The original town was situated just above Snoqualmie Falls but in 1904, the year… Continue Reading “Reflections of a Time Gone By: Remembering Snoqualmie, 1950 – 1955”

Telephone Service – Number By Number

by Gloria McNeely Originally written in the 1990s… As we head down the “Information Highway” in the closing decade of this century we look back in awe at the changes in the field of communication that have occurred since Alexander Graham Bell invented the… Continue Reading “Telephone Service – Number By Number”

Fritz Ribary

You may have first met Fritz Ribary as your pizza delivery man, through a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, or as a classmate in school. No matter how someone met Fritz, he was soon known for his kind warmness, jovial smile, and wisdom. Fritz has… Continue Reading “Fritz Ribary”

A Memory of 1940 North Bend

Interview of Lucille Bonifas Smith from 2012. Lucille passed in 2017 at the age of 93. In 1940 I baby sat by the month for people by the name of Van Dykes.  She worked at Thompson Café and he drove a truck.  They had… Continue Reading “A Memory of 1940 North Bend”

Upcoming Exhibit

Snoqualmie Valley in the 1950s will be the topic of the upcoming new exhibit at the Museum. The 1950s was an unique time in the Snoqualmie Valley signalling a transition era between a time when residents could get everything they needed without leaving the… Continue Reading “Upcoming Exhibit”

Another Officer Involved Shooting

Many new to the Snoqualmie Valley move here for its relative safety, natural beauty and warm community. It is always shocking when an act of violence happens here, in part because such acts are so infrequent. In the past weeks after the officer involved… Continue Reading “Another Officer Involved Shooting”

2021 Annual Meeting

Each year the Museum has an Annual Meeting. It is an opportunity for our members and the general public to get together for a fun history program and allows the Museum to hold its election. This years program will include two parts! A program… Continue Reading “2021 Annual Meeting”

Preserving History in the Digital Age

When board member emeritus Gloria McNeely joined the Museum’s board in the 1980s an electric typewriter was the latest technology being used for Museum business. By the 1990s, through her advocacy, the Museum upgraded to using a computer. When Assistant Director Cristy Lake started… Continue Reading “Preserving History in the Digital Age”

Harley Brumbaugh

It is with deep sadness that the Museum must share the passing of retired board member Harley Brumbaugh on July 25, 2021. Harley passed away peacefully, after a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease . He was surrounded by his family, including his wife of… Continue Reading “Harley Brumbaugh”

FBI’s Famous Kidnapping Case: The Snoqualmie Valley Connection

On the FBI’s most famous cases list is a kidnapping case with a Snoqualmie Valley connection. “On May 24, 1935, George Weyerhaeuser, the nine-year old son of prominent lumberman J.P. Weyerhaeuser of Tacoma, Washington, disappeared on his way home from school.” – FBI Weyerhaeuser… Continue Reading “FBI’s Famous Kidnapping Case: The Snoqualmie Valley Connection”