Photo Policy

The Museum has a collection of over 80,000 images. To help care for them we charge fees for copies of our images. There is a dual fee structure. Reproduction Fees for the physical image and Publication and Use Fees for the ability to publicly use the image.

Credit must be given each time an image is published, broadcast, or otherwise displayed. Credit should be given as follows “Photo Courtesy of Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum”. If credit is given separate from the image, as in a telecast or book appendix, image must be identified by page number, negative number, or image title as appropriate. No image obtained from the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum shall be altered in any way except for proportional cropping for publication without permission in advance from the Board of Trustees of the museum.

One copy of all publications, including periodicals, films, and videotapes, shall be given to Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum at no cost for inclusion in the collection.

Reproduction Fees (per image)

  • Digital Copy $25
  • Prints may be ordered through our website using Dotphoto.

Publication And Use Fees (per image)

Printed materials: Book, brochure, poster, postcard, calendar, periodicals, newspapers and other print media

1-9,999 copies $25

10,000-49,999 copies $50

50,000-99,999 copies $100

more than 100,000 copies $200

(for use on cover, add 100%)

Film/TV – Standard/ Non‐standard TV

Local, Non‐broadcast, DVD/Streaming/Web $100

National $125

World $175

Blog post/social media/website

Commercial/Advertising $175

Personal $35

Other Uses

Advertising $175

Multiple media $175

Exhibition/display/office décor $90

Products & other uses $90

Legal or commercial research, reports $20

Non-Profit and Private Self-Publishing

Fees for non-profit uses or for book authors with self-published works are half the editorial fees for the various media listed above. Non-profits include government agencies and other organizations able to demonstrate non-profit status