Historic Sites & Landmarks

The Snoqualmie Valley has a rich heritage with historic sites stretching over 13,000 years of human occupation. Because of historic events and climate and soil preservation conditions, many of our most important sites are not easily visible to the untrained eye. But, there are also many standing buildings that do catch the notice of those in our community. Find below information from the King County Historic Preservation Office on the historic context of important sites in the Valley and information on some of our King County Landmarks.

Siegrist 119. North Pacific Railroad depot at Snoqualmie. PO.592.0004.

King County Historical and Ethnohistorical Archaeology Project Report

King County Historical Settlement Context, 1850-1920

Historic Context of Dairy Farms of the Snoqualmie Valley

North Bend Landmarks District Nomination

Snoqualmie Landmarks District Nomination

Historic and Scenic Corridors

Prescott-Harshman House

Quaale Barn in Carnation

Hillcrest Barn in Carnation

Railway Landmarks