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1950 Exhibit

Between 1940 and 1950 the population of Washington State grew over 37% from 1.7 million people to just under 2.4 million people. In the Snoqualmie Valley, our population jumped a dramatic 61% from 7862 people to 12,679. In April 2022, the 1950 census records… Continue Reading “1950 Exhibit”

From the Collection: 1893 Fires

This past summer huge fires have burned out of control throughout the West, and it is worth remembering that the Snoqualmie Valley is as vulnerable as areas in Eastern Washington, Oregon and California.  Many of the early accounts of Valley life mention sweeping fires,… Continue Reading “From the Collection: 1893 Fires”

And Now For the Rest of the Story…

There had been rumors circulating for decades that the remains of a local school teacher’s wife and son were buried in the Fall City Bridge. Everyone had heard the whisperings but few, if any, knew the details. Was it the act of a grieving… Continue Reading “And Now For the Rest of the Story…”

So, we are experiencing an historic moment

So, we are experiencing an historic moment. The Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum is closed until further notice. Local businesses are beginning to open, at least for curbside service, but in April it was possible to drive through Fall City, Snoqualmie and North Bend at… Continue Reading “So, we are experiencing an historic moment”

Unprecedented Times?

It was one hundred years ago when the influenza pandemic, known as the Spanish flu, hit the world. Now, a century later, another infectious disease epidemic is sweeping the globe. Both have caused shocking death rates and other serious health issues. Then, and now,… Continue Reading “Unprecedented Times?”

Edward J Siegrist

Edward J Siegrist was a photographer, jeweler and optician who ran a shop in North Bend, Washington from early 1908 until January 1910. He was elected the first treasurer of North Bend when it was incorporated in February 1909. In April 1909 the Issaquah… Continue Reading “Edward J Siegrist”

Votes for Women: Women in Snoqualmie Valley Politics

The year 2020 marks the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution granting women the right to vote in August 1920. This post is a revisit to the 2010 Snoqualmie Valley History Magazine article on the centennial of women’s suffrage… Continue Reading “Votes for Women: Women in Snoqualmie Valley Politics”