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Snoqualmie Tree Farm

adapted from a 1992 article by David Battey The Snoqualmie Tree Farm is 90,000 acres, which is nearly twice the size of Seattle and stretches from Snoqualmie Falls nearly 25 miles north into Snohomish County and nearly as far east from Duvall and Carnation.… Continue Reading “Snoqualmie Tree Farm”

The Loss of our Treasure/r

Every generation has extraordinary citizens, who dedicate their time to doing their very best to preserve, protect and better their communities. The Snoqualmie Valley has just lost one of these essential people. Gardiner Vinnedge spent his life teaching and preserving history, but far beyond… Continue Reading “The Loss of our Treasure/r”

Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum 2.0

Help shape our community’s reflections on history.  Share your thoughts and opinions about the future of the Valley’s Historical Museum as we plan for the future by taking this short survey (about 15 minutes). The Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum has operated since 1979 in… Continue Reading “Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum 2.0”

Preserving our History

For many decades, our museum made do with little to no collections budget, but are trying to change that and improve that care by bring our collection care practices up to museum best practice standards. To do this, it means rehousing much of our… Continue Reading “Preserving our History”

President’s Letter

As visitors stroll through the Museum, it’s difficult to predict which displays will grab their attention. Everyone reacts differently. They will pass by some, pause at a few, and linger at others. But there is one display that stops visitors in their tracks, compelling… Continue Reading “President’s Letter”

Letter from the President

Let me introduce you to Kay Miniver. I’m sure that name is vaguely familiar. You probably know her better as Mrs. Miniver, the unassuming British housewife in the 1942 movie Mrs. Miniver. The character of Mrs. Miniver was so well-written, so believable, that it… Continue Reading “Letter from the President”

A warm retirement…

This quilt, object id 517.001, in our collection represents many in the community at the time. Created in 1939 in honor of Snoqualmie School Superintendent Richard Jacobs Schusman (he preferred to be addressed as R. J.) and presented upon his retirement.  This quilt was… Continue Reading “A warm retirement…”

Reflections of a Time Gone By: Remembering Snoqualmie, 1950 – 1955

by Carolyn Perlbachs My ancestors were early homesteaders in Snoqualmie, Washington. In 1900, my grandfather, Joseph Emery, built a large house just half a block from the historicSnoqualmie Train Depot. The original town was situated just above Snoqualmie Falls but in 1904, the year… Continue Reading “Reflections of a Time Gone By: Remembering Snoqualmie, 1950 – 1955”

Telephone Service – Number By Number

by Gloria McNeely Originally written in the 1990s… As we head down the “Information Highway” in the closing decade of this century we look back in awe at the changes in the field of communication that have occurred since Alexander Graham Bell invented the… Continue Reading “Telephone Service – Number By Number”

Fritz Ribary

You may have first met Fritz Ribary as your pizza delivery man, through a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, or as a classmate in school. No matter how someone met Fritz, he was soon known for his kind warmness, jovial smile, and wisdom. Fritz has… Continue Reading “Fritz Ribary”