Research Inquiry: What is the History of the Trees along the field between Two Rivers School and North Bend Elementary?

The field between Two Rivers and North Bend Elementary School in North Bend is named for William Claggett, a local student who drowned in Derry Lake in 1922.  In the 1920s this field was the athletic field for the North Bend High School.  In honor of their classmate North Bend students planted trees along the field during a holiday devoted to the memory of their friend, former classmate and aspiring athlete.  The 1925 edition of Lewain, the North Bend High School yearbook includes a description of this field day:

“There is no question in the minds of North Bend High School alumni members and students that Claggett’s field is by far the finest athletic field in the Snoqualmie Valley, in fact, in King County.  Mr. Dimmitt realized this when he declared a holiday Friday April 11.  All of the pupils that took part in the work on that day declared it one of the most profitable vacation days that we have ever had, not from the standpoint of immediate gain but in the words of our creed— ‘the future’.” 

“Each student was asked to get at least one tree sometime during the week of Campus Day and have it ready for the truck to pick up and bring it over to the field.  The boys were divided into three groups, the captain of group one, being Bill Tanner, group two Verne Offield, and group three Carl Scott.  Group one worked from nine to ten, group two, from ten to eleven and group three, from eleven to twelve, collecting trees.  At this time the sixth, seventh and eighth grades joined the party having their lunch on the tennis court in front of the gym while the high school girls prepared lunch on the other two courts for the high school students. It was decided that no lunch would be served until every tree was planted and only those having trees planted in the ‘individual tree row’ could partake.  This worked very well and when Mr. Lemon finished the check practically every student had a memorial tree in place.”

“Then the real part of the day began—the big feed.  The supply of sandwiches, cake and salad was almost unlimited and several contests evolved as to who could eat the greatest number of sandwiches.  The midget of the school, Bill Smith, was declared winner, having an even dozen to his credit.  (It is needless to say that he spent a very restless night.)”

“After the lunch was cleared away the ball team made ready for the first game of the season with Snoqualmie.  It was a splendid afternoon for the game and after two bad innings at the first when Bob had considerable difficulty getting his breaks to break at the right place the boys settled down and everybody enjoyed a good game if we did lose eight to four.”

“This day was really commencement of our three day spring vacation.”

“We sincerely hope that the trees we planted develop well and that each year we may enjoy a good time such as we had this year until Claggett’s field has a hedge all around it and a fine grove as well.”

Campus Day, 1925.
North Bend High School basketball team and coach, 1921.
Left to Right, Front: Bruce Morris, Felix Rae, Bill Claggett. 
Back: Watt Glazier, teacher Mr McNamara, Warren Webster.